About Me

Hi there I'm Brenda!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look around the shop. 

In this section you will read the story of why I created the Lil' Sugarlamb boutique.

My interest for fashion design began at a very young age. On weekends I would observe my mother clear off the dining table so that she could have a working area to continue on her many sewing projects. I would watch in awe as my mother would cut fabrics with her special fabric ONLY scissors and pin together pieces to be sewn. The sound of the sewing machine and her hand and foot movement on the pedal were captivating and I truly had fun watching the process. 

I started sketching clothing designs in a book and eventually asked my mother to teach me the ropes. At the age of 15 I handmade my first dress!

I went on to college to pursue a different major- all while juggling a fulltime job in managing a retail store.  A career in fashion design was always on the forefront of my mind and I would daydream of that day as I drew in my sketch books.  

Fast forward 11 years. I met my husband, got married and we had our first child. Baby 'Sugarlamb" wasn't your average newborn. He weighed in at a whopping 10.21lbs and growing dramatically everyday. If you can imagine finding shorts or pants that fit his size was very frustrating. They would either be too tight and cut into his poor belly or be so long that I had to fold them 2-3 times.

I was fed up of all the mass clothing in "same age- same size- fits all" mentality. And that's when the light bulb went off. I decided to hand make my sons first pair of tailored leggings and they were a great success!

I began making custom leggings for my chubby sugarlamb, his friends, babies still in bellies, and so on!

In 2014 I decided to venture into creating fashionable yet comfortable clothes for toddlers. Equipped with only a couple yards of soft stretchy fabric, a sewing machine and a whole lot of aspiration I started my small business Lil' Sugarlamb. 

The experience has been incredible and I love the positive feedback in the handmade community!

As a mother of  two young children I know durability and comfort come hand in hand. Our apparel is designed with all lil sugarlamb babes in mind.

It is a labor of love mixed with a sprinkle of whimsical and luxurious vibes.

I hope you love our products as much as I enjoy making them!


With much gratitude,

Brenda B.